At Advancing People Multilingual we aim to deal with the best language speakers out there, offering our clients top tier candidates, often for roles exclusive to us. The benefit to the candidate is that we have a strong relationship with our clients built on trust and a track record of delivering the best multilingual speakers for their vacancies. You will often have an interview up against a select amount of other candidates – not hundreds which is typical in this marketplace, so you will stand a good chance of being successful.

We treat each of our candidates as individuals and provide a high level of customer service throughout the recruitment process. It is crucial your expectations are set at the correct levels, particularly in an economy where there are fewer jobs than people available. We provide honest feedback on C.V.’s, interviews where appropriate and we will give you our professional opinion in order to help you moving forward. We will not just tell you what you want to hear.

We will always take your phone call where possible and we will call you back when we say we will. The main criticism candidates have about recruitment agencies is a general lack of contact and being told about irrelevant roles. This is where we are different, from the initial registration process we will only speak to you about roles meeting the criteria we have mutually set based on: type of role/company, salary and location. Due to the fact that we work very selectively with our clients you can be assured Advancing People Multilingual will be working with clients that other agencies may not be talking to.